ross mcleod



As a designer, educator and academic I see my role as one that fosters a critical exploration of the issues informing contemporary design culture. My experiences in the fields of product design, furniture design, interior design and architecture have been instrumental in the establishment of a methodological framework for a creative practice that spans the design disciplines.

Through my work I am committed to the development and realisation of design projects, teaching practices and research activities that extend the boundaries of contemporary design and the sensibilities that surround it. This dedication to the evolution of design thinking is viewed as a school of thought that integrates the realms of the profession and the academy and which actively engages with the wider design community, both locally and internationally.



Doctor of Philosophy - Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology - 2011

Master of Architecture - Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology - 1998

Associate Diploma Applied Design (Furniture Design) -Tasmanian State Institute of Technology - 1986

Bachelor of Arts (Industrial Design) - Sydney College of the Arts - 1982


Associate Professor RMIT School of Design (2019)

Program Manager RMIT Master of Design Innovation and Technology (2017 - 2019)

Research Supervisor Higher Degree Research Candidates (2002 - 2019)

Research Director RMIT Furniture Laboratory (2004 -2009)

Program Director RMIT Interior Design (2002 -2004)

Senior Lecturer RMIT Interior Design (1998 - 2016)

Specialisations Co-ordinator RMIT Interior Design (2000 -2002)

Interior Design Studio Co-ordinator RMIT Interior Design (1994 - 2000)

First year Coordinator RMIT Interior Design (1992 - 1994)

Lecturer RMIT Interior Design (1992 - 1998)


LendLease: Prototyping Community Engagement - $353,000
Project: The Exchange at Knowledge Market, Docklands, Melbourne, Victoria, 2017 - 2019

City of Casey: Public Arts commission- $60,000
Project: Mnemonica, Clyde North Community Center Forecourt, Victoria, 2017

Goulburn Murray Water: Industry Collaboration - $50,000
Project: Agile Office Living Laboratory, Tatura, Victoria, 2016

LendLease: Melbourne Quarter community artwork - $10,000
Project: Frame Melbourne - MQ Hoarding - Urban Surfaces Gallery, Melbourne, Victoria, 2016

Australia Council: Presentation and Promotion Grant - $30,000
Project: Tyranny of Distance Exhibition, Tokyo Designers Block, 2004

Arts Victoria: International Export and Touring Grant - $15,000
Project: Hybrid Objects Exhibition, Australian Embassy Tokyo and Melbourne Museum, 2002.


Finalist: Sustainability Award, Melbourne Awards 2018.
Project: The Exchange at Knowledge Market, RMIT University and Lendlease.

Highly commended: Australian Interior Design Excellence Awards, Event Design category, 2015
Project: The Hospital for Broken Things - Hangzhou International Design Week

Shortlisted: Australian Interior Design Excellence Awards, Event Design category, 2012
Project: Transience of Light – Euroluce showroom – State of Design Festival Design

Shortlisted: Colin and Cicely Rigg Contemporary Design Award, National Gallery of Victoria, 2009
Project: Frequency seating system

Winner: Fringe Architecture Award, Melbourne Fringe Festival, 1999
Project: Observatories for a Featureless Plain

Winner: Artist + Industry Design Award, Furniture 93 Melbourne, 1992
Project: Zoa chairs

Winner: Children's Furniture Category, Sydney Furniture Fair, Sydney Showgrounds, 1986
Project: CircleTriangleSquare

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Tin Angus, Biomimetic Facade Screening, PhD by project 2017 –

Jason Parmington, Products of Reflection, PhD by project 2008 – 2018

Maja Kinnemark, Furnify, Masters by Research (project) 2010 – 2015

Zuzana Kovar, Productive Leakages- Architecture in Abjection, PhD by thesis  2010 - 2014

Erika Kusamawardhani, Exploring the Design Potential of Bamboo, Masters by Research 2006 – 2009

Rodrigo de la Cruz, Interior Resurrection, Masters by Research (project) 2004 -2006

Ricardo Jimenez, Event Aphrodisiacs, Masters by Research (project) 2002 - 2004


The Only Constant is Change, Design Innovation technology Studio, 2018

Transformative Apparatus, Design Innovation technology Studio, 2017

Urban Noise Wall Park, Design Innovation technology Studio, 2017

Knowledge Wayfinding, Design Innovation technology Studio, 2017

Spatial Phonetics, Design Innovation technology Studio, 2017


Inner Worlds, Interdisciplinary Design Specialisation 2018

Urban Surfaces, Interdisciplinary Design Specialisation 2016

Future Bathroom, Interior Design Elective 2016

Feedback, Interdisciplinary Design Studio 2016

Sky Pavilions, Interior Design Elective 2014

Minimum, Interior Design Technical Elective 2014

Translation, Interior Design Studio 2014

Retreat, Interior Design Technical Elective 2013

Materialism, Interior Design Studio 2013

Retreat, Interior Design Technical Elective 2012

Synaesthetic Dimensions, Interior Design Studio 2012

Urban Spatial Phenomena, Interior Design Elective 2011

When is a Wall, Interior Design Technical Elective 2011

LifeCycle, Interior Design Studio 2011

The Phenomenological Filter, Interior Design Studio 2009

Foyeristic, Interior Design Elective 2009

Adaptation, Interior Design Studio 2009

Sound and Vision, Interior Design Studio 2008

Eco Techno Craft, Interior Design Elective 2008

The Philosophers Huts, Interior Design Studio 2008

Castaway, Interior Design Studio 2007

Ethics of Desire, Interior Design Studio 2007

Gravitas, Interior Design Studio 2006

Twenty First Century Sublime, Interior Design Studio 2005

Double Agent, Interior Design/ Industrial Design Studio 2005

Museum of Sound, Interior Design Studio 2004

Tourist, Interior Design Studio 2003

Tokyo 2002, Architecture/ Interior Design Travel Studio 2002

Moving Parts, Interior Design Studio 2001

Terminal, Interior Design/ Website design Studio 2001

Publish or Perish, Interior Design Elective 2001

Substance, Interior Design Studio 2000

Pattern, Interior Design Studio 2000

Light, Interior Design Technical elective 2000

Lightweight structures, Interior Design Technical elective 2000

City of Signs, First Year Interior Design installation 1999

Quonundrum, Interior Design Studio 1998

Essentials, Interior/ furniture studio 1997

Light, Interior Design studio 1997

On the Line, Interior Design studio 1996

The Woven Wall, Interior Design studio 1996

Sensorium, Interior Design studio 1995

Ecologies of Space, Interior Design studio 1994

Harmonic, Interior Design studio 1994

Treetops Walkway, Landscape Architecture studio 1994

The Living Structure, Interior Design studio 1993

The Plateau, Interior Design Model making studio 1993

The Edge/ Object/ Synthesis, First year interior design 1992 - 1993

Metropolis, Interior design studio 1992 - 1993


Wellness in the Workplace, Interior Design Elective 2015

Illuminati, Lighting Design Elective 2013

Essential II, Furniture Design Studio 2009

Objects for Daily Rituals, Furniture Design Studio 2008

Essential, Furniture Design Studio 2008

Can Cad Cam, Furniture Design Studio 2007

Ispeaker, Furniture Design Studio 2007

Tableware, Furniture Design Studio 2006

Ecochic, Furniture Design Studio 2005

Zen and Wood, Furniture Design elective 1999

A.part.ment, Interior/ furniture studio 1998

The Seats of Higher Learning, RMIT public seating project 1997

Refunctioning the house, Furniture Design studio 1996

Range, Furniture design studio 1995

Current, Landscape Architecture 1994

New Domestic Form, Furniture Design Studio 1993

Whats in Store, Furniture Design Studio 1991

Sit, Chairs by Interior Design students 1990


Asia Bound Internship Program. Beijing, Shanghai,Hong Kong, Singapore, Bali, 2015 - 2016.

The Hospital for Broken Things. Interior Design International Summer Studio, Hangzhou, China, 2014.

Time Machines, Global Design Challenge Workshop: VCU Qatar Master of Fine Art Design, Doha and Virginia Commonwealth University Department of Sculpture and Extended Media, USA. 2013

Kori, Interior Design International Study Tour, Bali Indonesia 2012

On Bamboo,  Unitech Lae Papua New Guinea 2008

Temple, Architecture/ Interior Workshop, Geidai University Tokyo 2002

Home of the Collector, RMIT/Lasalle Singapore studio workshop 1999 - 2000

Homescapes, RMIT / LaSalle Singapore Design Studio 1999

Fragments of Tokyo, Architectural Workshop, Geidai University Tokyo 1999

Artifice Park, RMIT / LaSalle Singapore Design Studio 1998

The Intelligent Dwelling, RMIT/ LaSalle Singapore Design Studio 1997

Urban Global Space, RMIT / LaSalle Singapore Design Studio 1997