Design Life brings together RMIT School of Architecture and Design alumni who are working and practicing around the world. The event is envisioned as a ‘pause’ for designers and creative individuals from Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture, Industrial Design and Fashion to break away from their hectic schedules, to meet old friends and make new peers, to share ideas, and be inspired by the local cultures of the specific place in which the event is being held.

The event is designed to recharge, rejuvenate and reinvigorate like minded individuals by a series of activities featuring RMIT School of Architecture and Design alumnis and prominent international and local creative personalities and the outstanding work they produce. The bi-annual event, which includes presentations, workshops, design forums, exhibition and publication of an event cataloque, affords the dual opportunities for celebration and reflection.

The continuing value of Design Life is the network it creates for graduates designing and living across the world. The contributors are invited to stand back for a moment to view their individual practices through analytical lenses and reflect upon the contributions that RMIT international students have made to the School’s programs and culture, and continue to make as graduates in their respective original or adopted homelands.

Past Design Lifes have taken place in Bali (2009) Bangkok (2012), Seoul (2013) and Penang (2015).


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