The first Design Life exhibition and conference was developed and produced by Andrea Mina, Sand Helsel and Ross McLeod of RMIT in collaboration with two RMIT graduates, Jindee Chua and Suriawati Qiu, who live and practice in Bali.

The centrepiece of the three day event was a forum in which graduates shared thier experiences in design practice since leaving RMIT and a series of guest lectures from practitioners, whose work is centred around Bali and its culture. On Saturday evening the Gaya Gallery hosted an exhibition of graduates work, in the disciplines of Architecture, Interior Design, Industrial Design and Fashion, who are now practicing in Australia, Asia and all over the world.

In concert with the formal design events, the participants were treated to the delights of Balinese culture, cuisine and hospitality through a series of dinners, performances, parties and visits to architectural and cultural sites.


Graduates who exhibited their work included:

Henfry Marvin
Richard Hassell
Peter Zellner
Milk + Oate
Lina Ooi
Edmund Khoo
Ho Tzu Yin
Jindee Chua
Keng Hui Choo
Wui Chong Tsok
Hly Os/Luis Wong/Charles Dewanto
Lim Ghin Choon
Alex Lye
Sanjay lal Shrestha
Djurdjica Kesic
Brian Tang
Lucy McCrae
Larry Seow
Jamie Sutherland
Taek Soo Kim
Suriawati Qiu
Annelise Tiller
Yustina Soebiantoro
Erika Kusamawardhani
Nicholas Wong
Tiarma Sirait
Alvin Tjitrowirjo
Patricia Soewondo
Indrie Suwita
Marcia Cilento

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Guest speakers included:

Made Wijaya, a recognized authority on tropical gardens and South East Asian architecture, as well as a passionate writer who has brought the concept of tropical gardens to the world. He has created more than 1000 gardens, including legendary works for hospitality icons like Bali Oberoi, Bali Hyatt, Amandari and Bvlgari Resorts.

John Hardy, a designer and artist who has built a jewelry empire which combines traditional making techniques with European Design, and who recently has been involved in developing the revolutionary Bali Green School. The campus is built of sustainable materials which include Indonesian bamboo, traditional mud walls and local alang-alang grass and is cooled and powered by sustainable energy solutions such as micro-hydro power, solar power, bio-diesel, and natural air-conditioning.

WOHA Architects, founded by Australian Richard Hassell and Singaporean Wong Mun Summ. In their award-winning Balinese project Alila Villas Uluwatu, individual villas are tiered and oriented for maximum exposure to the panoramic views of the sea and the horizon.The architectural language combines refreshing contemporary lines and detailing with traditional materials that allude to the rich Balinese culture and built heritage.



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