For the fourth Design Life, the exhibitors were asked to consider how their design practices engage in the act of ‘regeneration’. The exhibitions theme developed from a consideration of the unique UNESCO World Heritage listed townscape of Georgetown and the efforts that have gone into conserving and reinventing the traditional shop-houses, streetscapes and heritage buildings that acted as a backdrop to the exhibition, lectures and design walks that made up Design Life Penang. In keeping with these concerns a series of guest speakers were invited to speak at the event whose practices of Architecture, Design and Art display sensitivity to the maintenance of cultural and environmental values.

Another dimension of the exhibition addressed the generation of ideas and how the process of design is enacted; from diagrams, concept sketches, models and presentation renders, to detail documentation and completed works. With this in mind we were interested in seeing documentation of the studio environment, of prototypes being assembled in the workshop and documentation of projects in the construction phase.

In parallel to these concerns, the event also celebrated the work of different ‘generations’ of RMIT Architecture and Design Alumni across the three decades that the Design Life process has captured (1985 – 2014). On display in the exhibition was work from recent graduates, young emerging practices, mid-career professionals and established international firms.


Graduates who exhibited their work included:


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