Advances in the digital age have already transformed design practice, but we are only at the beginning of a greater revolution in the integrated application of technology and its influence on the design of objects, spaces, buildings and cities. With this in mind the primary objective of the Design Innovation and Technology studios is to speculate on possible futures of design practice.

As innovation in contemporary design practice is positioned at the intersection of several disciplines, the studios address issues that span architecture, interior design, industrial design, graphic design, animation, computer science, engineering, media, sound and lighting design.

These research based and industry partnered studios explore different combinations of the following themes

• Digital Fabrication - digital design, fabrication and advanced manufacturing

• Sustainable Systems – responsive and responsible energy efficient design solutions

• Information Environments - connections between data, information, people and space

• Interactive Technologies – interactive, autonomous and intelligent object systems

• Phenomena and Affect – embodied, sensorial and affective immersive environments