corporate culture design journey competition entry 2012



The f.light system offers a unique approach to the installation and modulation of interior lighting design. The pendant light fittings can be used in both domestic and commercial situations. Singularly the fitting is a sculptural organic form that houses three arms of RGB LED lighting strips. These individual elements can be mounted to the ceiling or to a lighting track and arranged in a myriad of different compositions by adjusting the positioning, orientation and height of the fittings. The pieces can operate as individual elements or be arrayed to create complex lighting installations and entire ceilings.

In this way the fitting becomes a resource for interior designers and architects to adapt and reconfigure to the specific needs of an individual interior project. The system is also integrated with a mobile phone app that allows the designer and occupant of the building to orchestrate an infinite number of coloured lighting effects that can be changed hourly, daily, seasonally or as the user requires. The f.light represents the first step in a new generation of lighting that provides the designer and the client with a flexible system that allows them to shape the moods and aesthetics of a space at will.