ross mcleod


The Illuminati specialisation introduced students to concepts that underpin LED technologies and light fitting design. The project called for the design of a 'light sculpture' that used LED strip lighting in imaginative ways. During the course of the semester the students were introduced to high quality materials and lighting components as well as the various machines and processes in the workshop; such as the laser cutting, strip bending, vacuum forming and metal bending equipment. In conjunction with this familiarisation of materials and manufacturing techniques, the students researched inspirations and precedents, and conducted a series of observations and experiments into the nature of light. 

From this point, the students were asked to creatively adopt and extend the processes and techniques to which they were introduced and to push the boundaries in relation to what may constitute a light fitting. Through the production of sketch design, mock-ups, computer aided three-dimensional renderings and 1:1 technical plans of the proposed design, the students refined their concepts and sensibilities to the design of light. Ultimately the successful completion of the project called for dedication, patience, precision, refinement and a quest for perfection within both design and detail. The finished prototypes were exhibited at the RMIT School of Architecture and Design gallery and at the Euroluce Melbourne showroom.


STUDENTS: Louise Daley, Tracy Indra Kusuma, Rachael Li, Jimmy Liu, Mallory McCluney, Michael Olarenshaw, Helen Phan, Zelia Ranger, Tabitha Tattenbach, Merlin Toh, Irvan Ward, Michael Kuo, Linh Tran, Carlotta Phelan, Shannan Cooksey, Sherilyn Venpin.