The focus of the project involved developing a way of thinking toward interior structures that can shape and control sound, light and air in open plan contemporary office environments. This involved the development of a flexible system for spatial solutions which could be tailored to fit different organisational, programmatic, aesthetic and acoustic circumstances.

The PERMEABLE WALL system seeks a new approach to the challenges of open planning by
transforming sound environments rather than blocking sound transmission. The proposal
consisted of the arrangement of multiple permeable layers that attenuate sound while
maintaining luminosity and airflow.

The design allowed for the system to be visually, acoustically and spatially modified through
the adjustment of:

• the plan layout through the configuration of cuvilinear and straight wall sections
• the density and acoustic absorption of the internal baffling
• the materiality and colour of both inner baffling and outer fins for optic and acoustic
• the height of baffles and fins relative to site conditions and needs of users
• the internal fins have LED strip lights concealed with a channel running the length of the
baffle. This lighting system allows for changes in colour and brightness of the lighting of
the pavilion both internally and externally
• the outer fins profiles to create engaging formal qualities, visual interest and acoustic