Breathing Wall - Aya Albarqi Algabloom - Dyan Mae Cai






In the Master of Design Innovation and Technology Major Project, students develop a design research project and undertake significant research through the medium of design. The research is not confined to the analytical but also explores design and tests propositions through sketching, modelling, prototyping (both physically and digitally) and testing materials or systems appropriate to the project.

Students thoroughly research the context and drivers for the project, including the social, technical, spatial, cultural, environmental and market parameters of the proposition. They are encouraged to work closely with partners in design consultancies, industry or government. As the project continues, students develop the design research and evaluate it through prototyping, simulations and consultation with stake holders.

As the MDIT program promotes a transdisciplinary approach to design and the background of the students is varied, the projects traverse a wide range of technologies, mediums and design methodologies. Projects include: approaches to sustainable architecture through the design of energy efficient facades and biofilter systems; explorations of sustainable building materials and waste recycling systems; interactive devices for telepresence communication and augmented reality; smart devices that facilitate public safety and welfare; and urban scale interactive sound and light installations.


Haptic Link - Larry Yinjie Li Wemi - Niko Wei Li


Rood - Lois Jung Ying Yi Eystre - Akshaya Kathireshi


Veg.Atelier -Illiyanna Ibrahim Myvilion - Ziyi Li


Luminfonia - Leixin Du