Edited by Ross McLeod


Contemporary work in spatial design interweaves ideas, materials, media and phenomena in ways that engage our senses both imaginatively and viscerally. The publication explores this contemporary fascination with the ‘sensuous intellect' through contributions by philosophers, theorists, academics and art and design practitioners.

The book chronicles the events of the week long Sensoria festival of design education held in Melbourne in July 2004. The Sensoria festival explored the themes of phenomena, media, material and techne through a series of lectures, exhibitions, performances, events and discussions, which took place both in RMIT University and throughout the network of galleries, bars and design practices that characterize the city of Melbourne.

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Contributors include Phillipe Rahm, Marco Casagrande, Lawrence Harvey, Janet Laurence, Janos Korban, Andrea Mina and Michael Trudgeon.

The Sensuous Intellect is available in Architectural and Art bookshops throughout Australia and South East Asia or can be ordered by contacting RMIT School of Architecture and Design.