The Herald piece explores the idea of constructing a 'sonic embellishment' through the careful repetition and array of resonant chambers. The work employs a constellation of bright orange traffic cones which are arrayed to create a large two sided hanging structure that visually confronts the viewer with its dynamic form and challenges them to interact with its acoustic properties.

Due to the nature of the acoustic focusing of its cone-like resonant forms, the piece can be used as a grouping of megaphone-like devices that concentrate, direct and project one’s voice across a space. Similarly the sculpture can be used as a series of ear trumpets which aid in the amplification of ambient sound.

Within the array of the cone forms, the piece was designed to operate as a large-scale receiver and transmitter of the sounds within complex aural environments in which it would collect and reflect the acoustic terrain within a space in vibrant, elusive and intriguing ways.