Rui Koh




ross mcleod


This elective engaged students in the development of a proposal for the 2015 Triumph Pavilion competition. The brief was to design a temporary, freestanding and transportable showcase pavilion in the Museum Gardens next to the V&A Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green, London. The competition called on participants to create a unique space that invites visitors to appreciate the role the sky and its elements play in our wellbeing, perception of architectural structures and the world around us as a whole. The design must be inclusive and encouraging while highlighting ecological and sustainable design principles.

The brief asked designers to address the sky as the ‘fifth façade’ of architecture. A complex sphere with such elements as sun, moon, stars and clouds all adding to the dramatic effects of colour, day, night, texture, rain and sunshine. The specialisation involved students developing a conceptual approach to the brief, exploring sensorial and phenomenological approaches to design, developing complex and efficient structural solutions, building accurate scale models, employing rhino and other 3D computer based modelling and rendering programs and ultimately assembling these explorations into a compelling competition entry.


Hexin Bi


Tanida Suebsanguan


Elia Li


Elsie Yi



Jian Nan Li, Yi Li, Olivia Kurniawan, Lian Rui Koh, Hexin Bi, Xin Meng,Tharinee Wong, Tanida Suebsanguan, Alice Maszczyszyn, Michael Lam, Sandra Githinji, Kate Ellis, Caroline Dale, Amrit Bhurjee, Tiange Wang, Xuefei Li, Andres Gonzalez, Miguel Jimenez Dominguez, Joshua Lee