mcleodstudio is a multilayered design practice involved in the development and realisation of art, design and architectural forms. The studio explores the perceptual and conceptual principles of design through the production of specific projects which express unique narratives of creative production.

The objects range from sculptural pieces to one-off and limited edition production based designs. The designs are developed as refined and elegant solutions to material and manufacturing issues while retaining a sense of authenticity in their making and intimacy in their use.

The phenomena works represent a hybrid form of creative practice which positions itself between art and design, object and space and the material and immaterial aspects of the physical world. The works are conceived of as extraordinary and provocative sensorial gestures that set up dynamic phenomenological relationships within the urban environment.

The spatial expressions are constructed poems about the essence of architectural form. They embody a synthesis of formal gesture, structural system and spatial condition. In their reduction and refinement they seek to evoke moments of sensory acuity and spatial clarity.