THISNESS was an exhibition by a group of artists and designers who are engaged in the theoretical investigation of spatial practice. The exhibition explored the concept of ‘haecceity’ through the presentation of works that express the essential quality of their nature through the fashioning of their materiality and immateriality. The pieces displayed interrogated the defining properties of the perception of the material world and challenged the audience’s relationship with the physical and the spatial. In doing so, the works evoked a visceral encounter and provoked a heightened sensibility in the viewer/experiencer. The works in the exhibition ranged from a variety of approaches and disciplines; from drawing, photography, objects, sculpture, installation and sensorial environments. The exhibition as a whole sought to highlight compelling approaches toward the manipulation of the physical and in doing so contend the actions and perceptions that constitute contemporary spatial art and design.

The exhibitors are all associated with the teaching of the RMIT Interior Design program. The Interior Design program at RMIT has a long history of fostering an ‘experimental’ and ‘phenomenological’ approach to the potentials of spatial design and the occupation of the urban environment. The contributors to the exhibition are all engaged in practices that mesh the realms of academic research and pedagogy with the ongoing creative production of works of art and design. Exhibitors include Ross McLeod, Suzie Attiwill, Phoebe Whitman, James Carey, Leah Heiss, Roger Kemp, Anthony Fryatt, Caroline Vains and Chris Cottrell.


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