Urban Systems Exhibition




ross mcleod + canhui chen


The project involved the design of a display system that integrated form, surface, light, projection and sound to create transformative spatial conditions. The completed apparatus needed to be adaptable for an ever-changing program of events that will take place in The Exchange at Knowledge Market venue.

Initial geometric explorations involved a consideration of complex simplicity and the design potential of three-dimensional periodic tiling systems. Whilst these systems provided a spatial framework for design, their logical nature greatly reduced constructional complexity and allowed students to shift their focus back to the composition of space. Subsequently, a range of algorithms including geometric subdivision and travelling agents were further developed and explored in order to transform, compose and reconfigure the tiling system into spatial dialogues that responded to various exhibition functionalities and which in turn created different experiences.

From these abstract geometric beginnings the students embarked on a process of continuous refinement and invention. They attempted to match the elegance and clarity of their initial vision with physical, material and construction realities, to create a finely detailed and robust display system that could be adapted to a myriad of specific situations and needs.


The Exchange Graphic Identity


Generative Geometric Studies


System Configurations


Construction System




The Exchange Gallery